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General Organic Rose Care

The Good Earth R.O.S.E. Committee
Organic Rose Care Calendar
Breaking the Barrier to Organic Rose Gardening
The Path to Organic Roses, Part I
The Path to Organic Roses, Part III - Organic Rose Care in Autumn
Kicking the Chemicals
Extreme Makeover For Your Soil
Organics for Life
Organic Defined
Gardening on a Time Budget
Communication Within The Plant World

Soil and Soil Biology

Beneficial Soil Organisms
Part 1: Fungi
Part 2: Bacteria
Part 3: Protozoa
Part 4: Arthropods and Earthworms
Starting Over  The Benefit and Results of Soil Testing

Fertilizers and Nutrients

Sustaining Your Soil
The Path to Organic Roses, Part II - Effects of Organic Fertilizers
N-P-K: Up, Down and All Around
The Mystery of Phosphorus
Cottonseed Meal
Fish Food for Your Roses
Iron and Clay Soils


A Guide to Compost and Mulch
Hot-Method Composting
Hot Composting Recipes for the Advanced Gardener
Cold-Method Composting AKA Vermicomposting
Will Composting Worms Overwinter?


Pruning Tree Roses

Pests and Diseases

What Are Worm Castings and Why Are They Beneficial
Cane Borers
Blackspot? Anthracnose? Rust?
Fungus Control Using Vermicompost
A Solution to the Pine Beetle Problem
Ants and Aphids: Someone to Watch Over Me
Diaprepes Root Weevil (Citrus Root Weevil)
Mildew in Your Garden?
Mildew and Blackspot Control Options
Green Worm Control

Beneficial Insects

Bugging Your Garden
Attracting Beneficial Insects
Sources of Beneficial Insects

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